Not since the first season of Margaret Atwood’s, ‘The Handmaids Tale’ streamed across the globe, has it been so apt to discuss the issue of infertility. An issue historically placed upon the women in society and communities.

An opinion piece recently published by Refinery29 highlighted the immense pressure women put on themselves to get pregnant and start a family – even in their early 30’s. It appears this age is still commonly felt like the last hurdle in fertility. In some cases women overlook possible health problems in favour of blaming past lifestyles or feeling innately barren. Increasingly, it’s being made aware that both men and women are to bare the infliction of infertility – a recent article in The Guardian stressed concerns of sperm counts as a study revealed sperm count among western men has halved in the last 40 years.

There is still much to learn about infertility and the reality is we ought to, as it’s an issue that will affect more and more families in the years to come. Over the next week IEE will explore articles, medical sources, journals, schools of thought and specialist opinions to aid those of you who wish educate yourselves and others.